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Starts 9 May 2024
Application deadline: 21 April 2024
Hours per module
Possibility to form a co-founders team
Certificate and other benefits.

Who the course is designed
for and who will benefit

Women Entrepreneurs Of
Early Stage Startups
As you have already embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, gain an overarching framework and structured guidance on how to evaluate opportunities, manage and grow your startup business, finance new ventures, and maximize social and environmental impact. ​
Women And Girls,
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
As you are exploring entrepreneurship to launch a startup business or join a startup as a co-founder, or a member of a team, learn the fundamentals of startup business and how it can make a positive impact on people and planet.​

Why Apply

You will have the opportunity to learn alongside and interact with 300 women and girls from around the world in the same cohort. Content consists of text, videos, group assignments and a few live sessions.

You will be offered rigorous content by one of the leading research and business education centers in the world – Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, tailor-made for women entrepreneurs leading early stage sustainability and social impact startups.

You will have the opportunity to form/join a co-founders group for existing or new startup businesses.

To boost your resume with a Certificate of Completion from ECE and Creatella Impact
Earn by: completing all 10 modules of the Course
To earn a Certificate of Completion, you must complete all coursework, in a thoughtful and timely manner, including meeting bi-weekly deadlines, finishing individual and group assignments, offering feedback and reflections, and contributing to conversations on the course platform.

Upon completion of the course and gaining a certificate of completion, you will join the LauncHER Alumni network. As Alumni, you will be eligible for 5 free mentorship sessions with business experts from around the world, which can be claimed within 6 months after completing the program. In addition, you will get access to prizes and perks in the form of product donation, or Alumni only discounts from program partners such as AWS, Google for Startups, Hubspot, Stripe, Oracle, etc,

As Alumni, you will join the global community and supportive network of LauncHER entrepreneurs from around the world and be invited to alumni only events, workshops, webinars etc.

Course Outline

Innovation, design thinking, ideation, prototyping 
Ecosystem, stakeholders, supportive network, valuable partnerships
Proof of concept, a minimum viable product
Key metrics and KPIs, revenue models, pricing strategies
Social impact mission, vision and values statements
Impact modeling, data analytics, theory of change, SDG impact 
Business models for sustainability and social impact
Brand identity, marketing and sales strategy for sustainability and social impact
Leadership styles, building and leading effective teams for impact
Fundraising and financing strategies, negotiations, gender bias of investors


Module 1: Design Thinking and Innovation – Ideation
May 13 - Jun 2
14 hours
  1. Understanding the principles of design thinking while engaging in divergent/convergent thinking to empathise with your users and define their problem.
  2. Understand the concept of innovation and learn/apply various ideation tools for generating solution ideas while enhancing the process with the help of generative AI.
  3. Apply design tools to evaluate and select ideas, while formulating a problem-solution fit statement
Module 2: Design Thinking and Innovation - Prototyping and Building a MVP
Jun 3 - Jun 16
15 hours
  1. Understand the difference between a prototype and an MVP and apply agile prototyping methods to visualize and test ideas.
  2. Develop proof of concept to validate the feasibility and learn how to determine the core features of your solution.
  3. Incorporate user feedback and iteration into prototyping to refine problem-solution fit to attain product-market fit.
Module 3: Developing & Communicating Mission, Vision & Values for Social Impact
Jun 17 - Jun 30
11 hours
  1. Understand the importance of a Vision and Mission Statement for Social Impact
  2. Connecting Vision and Mission Statement to the Values of a company, and applying the knowledge with relevant tools
  3. Communicate the core (mission, vision, values) of a social enterprise through storytelling
Module 4: Business Modelling for Social Impact
Jul 1 - Jul 14
10 hours
  1. Understand business models for sustainability and social impact
  2. Identifying social impact opportunities in the business model and understanding different revenue models for social impact.
  3. Ethics in realising Sustainability and Social Impact Missions.
Module 5: Building and Leading Effective Teams
Jul 15 - Jul 28
13 hours
  1. Understand team building, dynamics and fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity.
  2. Understand leadership styles that are particularly effective in impact-driven work.
  3. Understand and implement forward-thinking HR practices that contribute to a positive and productive work environment.
Module 6: Ecosystems & Partnerships
Coming soon
10 hours
  1. Understand an ecosystem's perspective for engaging with stakeholders.
  2. Understand legal considerations in social impact entrepreneurship.
  3. Learn how to build a supportive network with valuable partnerships.
Module 7: Financial Modelling
Coming soon
10 hours
  1. Understanding different revenue models for pricing strategies to assess their implications.
  2. Identify the most critical assumptions underlying your business plan, and be precise about those assumptions using the Business Model Delta tool.
  3. Understanding the key metrics and KPIs that are important for investors.
Module 8: Impact Modelling
Coming soon
10 hours
  1. Learn fundamentals of impact modelling (different types of models: ToC, SDGs etc.)
  2. Use data analytics for Impact Measurement and SDG progress tracking.
  3. Applying Impact Modelling in Decision Making
Module 9: Marketing & Sales for Social Impact
Coming soon
10 hours
  1. Develop a strong brand identity, building on your social mission statement, to stand out from competitors.
  2. Create a marketing strategy for sustainability and social impact.
  3. Create a sales strategy for sustainability and social impact.
Module 10: Fundraising for and Financing Social Impact
Coming soon
10 hours
  1. Explore funding options and ownership structures for sustainability and social impact startups.
  2. Learn how to negotiate and navigate biases in the field.
  3. Prepare to pitch for funding, manage investor relationships, and addressing gender bias of investors.

Eligibility Criteria

Women and girls

Everyone who is a woman some or most of the time, non-binary or negatively impacted through gender inequalities

Minimum 18 years old
From all continents/countries
Running sustainability or social impact businesses, or 
Aspiring to get involved in entrepreneurship, 
Committed to learning and engaging with fellow participants throughout the course.
Proficient in English

Fee and Scholarship

The program is valued at US$ 1,500 per participant. Thanks to contributions from sponsors, partners and organizers, the cost is offset to a small fraction of its value. Reduced cost is US$ 150. 

Cost includes participation in a 20 week long interactive program, certificate and all post program benefits.

To maximize inclusion, we will provide partial (50%) or full (100%) scholarships to a limited number of participants, based on assessment of needs and merits as well as availability of funds. Preference will be given to applicants from least developed and low income countries.

Scholarship applications, along with a professional reference shall be submitted up to 4 days after the application deadline for the program. Scholarship decisions will be communicated within a week.

Testimonials from alumni of previous programs


LauncHER group learning consists of ten modules with a duration of 20 weeks. For each module, you will require 10-15 hours of time commitment to study, complete individual and group assignments.

LauncHER group learning is a synchronous program. The program will start and end at the same time for all participants in the cohort. There will be a live online orientation session organized in the beginning of the Course. Each bi-weekly module will start and end at the same time for all participants in the cohort. Within the weekly module, learners can study the materials and complete individual assignments at their own pace. Learners will need to coordinate and complete the group assignments together with their groups. Learners may need to have 1 or 2 calls each week to discuss and complete the assignments.

Each participant will decide to start a new group, which other participants can join, or join a group started by other participants. Those undecided, or needing support, will be placed in a group by the organizers.

Once you have selected the group and been confirmed for the group, you will study with the same group for the rest of the course. There is no group rotation envisaged throughout the program, since the course is designed to maximize opportunities for participants in the same group to form a co-founding team of businesses. In case of issues, support will be provided by organizers.

Program is designed and will provide such an opportunity to form co-founding teams for the participants current or future businesses. However, if an individual learner is not keen to become a co-founder, this will not be a mandatory requirement.

Yes, there will be individual and group assignments in each module, the completion of which is mandatory for completing the course and becoming an Alumni.

No grades will be assigned. Participants will either be evaluated as complete or not complete.

Yes. All certificate-eligible participants may download a free PDF copy of their certificate. These digital certificates will become available in 2 weeks following the final deadline of your course after eligibility is determined. Guidance on the use of certificate will be provided.

Post program support will be offered to Alumni only, and need to be claimed within 6 months after completing the program.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer scholarships to all applicants. However, there will be a limited number of full scholarships (100%) and partial scholarships (50%) offered to maximize inclusion and create opportunities especially for those participants who will not be in a position to cover the costs. Priority will be given to participants from least developed and low income countries. You can apply for a scholarship from the scholarship section of the website.

Yes, we encourage sponsorships and group payments by organizations and will be happy to discuss options on a case by case basis. Inquiries can be sent to:

The fee is already a small fraction and a reduced amount from the course value. Hence, unfortunately, we will not be able to offer further group discounts.


  • Number of Modules
  • Duration, Start-End dates
  • Time Commitment
  • Mode of study
  • Interactions

  • Group Learning
  • Co-founders team

  • Assignments

  • Certificate
  • Alumni status
  • Mentorship
  • Prizes and Perks
  • Community

  • Cost


  • All 10 modules are required
  • 20 weeks, specific start and end dates
  • 100 hours for the entire course
  • Part of a cohort of 300 learners
  • Interactions with the whole cohort of 300 and with your group of up to 6 learners
  • Join or create your own group
  • Find potential co-founders and form your team
  • Individual and group assignments to reinforce learning
  • Certificate obtained upon completion
  • Alumni status obtained upon completion
  • 5 free mentorship sessions
  • Prizes and perks for all Alumni
  • Join the global network of LauncHER entrepreneurs
  • US$ 150 One-time fee US$ 1,500 Scholarships are available


  • Any number
  • No specific start and end dates
  • 6-8 hours per module
  • Individually
  • Interactions with the whole cohort of 300 and with your group of up to 6 learners
  • Join or create your own group
  • Find potential co-founders and form your team
  • Individual and group assignments to reinforce learning
  • Certificate obtained upon completion
  • Alumni status obtained upon completion
  • 5 free mentorship sessions
  • Prizes and perks for all Alumni
  • Join the global network of LauncHER entrepreneurs
  • Free